The Post about Hair

Colour me happy (and sad)

Or confessions of a woman who hit had a mild existential crisis during changing her hair colour the umpteenth time and thought “Am I doing this because I want to express myself or because I hate myself and want to look like someone else?”


Why are we never happy with the way we look? Even if we feel great about one part of our body, there is always another part of it that annoys us. Or if I’m feeling good about myself, then see someone else who is looking fine, why do I get jealous and I want what they have. I wonder if the beautiful celebrity types have the same problem?

I presume that if your life is based on the way you look then the answer would be a resounding yes!

It’s about my hair!

I think I should be more specific with my rant. I’m talking about my hair. I’ve had a love hate relationship with it for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I love what God gave me (or what natural selection randomly handed out to me depending on how you look at it) and sometimes it drives me insane.

When it’s long I hate the way it gets knotty, when it’s in a long bob I hate it when it tickles the back of my neck and when it’s really short I think it looks better longer. I’ve been going through this cycle for the past decade or so. I know that curls are back in fashion and that easy to use hair curling machines are becoming more and more popular but that style never suited me.

The things you can do with a Flat Iron

The whole curly verses straight hair thing always makes me smile. Some of my girlfriends have the most stunning curly hair and they absolutely hate it. Take for example flat irons (I’m loving my cloud 9 touch straightener right now in case you were interested :-)). Most people call them straighteners because all they use them for is straightening their hair but they can do so much more than that. You can curl, add a twist, crimp, waves, give yourself the sexy bed head look and even chalk your hair but for most people, they just want to straighten.

80s_permI almost miss the 80’s when the perm was in fashion and all the naturally curly haired girls loved the fact that all the straight haired girls were spending a fortune trying to copy them. Actually I don’t really miss the perm. That was truly an awful fashion statement! I bet you never saw that hairstyle in vogue.


It’s all about colour

Mainly though I get jealous of hair colour. I have light brown hair which one boyfriend referred to as dirty blonde. I should highlight here that he is a previous boyfriend. Dirty blonde indeed!

I’m not the only one obsessed with colour though. My best friend has beautiful light blonde hair and for a while I really wanted her hair. I tried dying my hair that way once and it just didn’t work for me. It really washed my face out.

But my friend went through a phase of really hating her hair. I think it was the whole ‘dumb blonde’ thing that got to her despite the fact she got a first in Biology. So in her 2nd year at university she died it ginger. Sorry I mean auburn. Don’t hate me red heads J.

I don’t know why she picked red hair but it worked and no-one dared call her stupid. Once she graduated though she went back to her natural colour. She said she got more attention from the boys when she was blonde and missed the attention. Talk about stereotypes. LOL.

 What makes me smile so much now is that red seems to be such a popular colour at the moment. And I must confess that when I was younger I wished I was born with the same beautiful red hair my mum has. Some people seem to take the red thing literally though and dye their hair red, not ginger, red!


What was the question again?

changinghairstylesGoing back to the thought that made me write this blog post in the first place. Why do we keep changing our appearance, or should I say, why do I like changing my hair so much? Am I so insecure on the inside that I think I will feel better about myself if my hair is a different colour?

Or is it that I am are very happy with myself  thank you very much and I just want to express myself because I can and I have the gadgets and technology that allows me to do it.

If I’m honest with myself, the answer is a combination of the both. There are times when I’m feeling low. It could be a bad day at the office, boyfriend problems, winter blues or just those times when I feel low and I don’t really know why that I think about a hair change. Some people shop to take away their blues, me I do something with my hair!

Other times I’m happy and loving life and want to express it with my hair. If I want to feel light and flirty, I can go blonde, or be serious and autumnal with a rich mahogany brown. Or go crazy and just dye the darn thing purple!

I do sometimes worry that I might damage my hair with all the crazy things I’ve done to it. All the times I’ve used a flat iron on it, all the times I dyed it. All those times I’ve put gunk in my hair to make it look somewhere between cool and weird. All that hairspray I used on it before I knew about the ozone layer.

Being Me 🙂

You know I was thinking that maybe I should just let my hair be natural for a while. Be the natural me for a while and see how I feel about it. You know, get comfortable in my own skin.

I kind of like the idea of giving up abusing my hair for lent. The only problem is that lent finished a couple of months ago and I can’t wait a year. No, I’m going to go natural for a month and see how I feel. Not for anyone else, just for me. If I like it, I’ll do it a bit longer, or not.

lucyvLucy V is a woman who is learning to love her hair just the way it is but not quite prepared to share her age or what she looks like with the world just yet! She has also written a blog about choosing a good flat iron to suit your needs here: Helpful Hair Straightener Reviews at Style24Seven


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